We believe that reliability, performance and beauty are non-negotiables in the wild. We believe that man is meant to roam the land of our forefathers, where life is simple, beauty is abundant, friends are friends and technology shouldn’t exist.

We have spent a lifetime infinitely understanding our customers need to have a cooler box which they can rely on. We use rotational moulding (a process normally reserved for industrial applications) to develop products that are both high performance and beautiful. Rotational moulding gives our products far superior strength, durability, and insulation.

We design and manufacture high performance outdoor cooler boxes and accessories, fit for whatever the wild has to throw at you. A cooler which is reliable under any circumstances. A cooler you can pass down to the Next Generation of Outdoors…


It’s the call of the wild
The thunder of migrating wildebeest
The splash of trout in a secret stream
Or the snap of an open fire and the stories of old mates.

When I head into the wild, I don’t travel heavy;
A trusty hat
A rod and reel
A dented flask
And, of course, old faithful
Cold faithful
My WILD Cooler.

It’s crafted by men who grew up in the bush
Grandfathers who told stories around blackened coffee pots
Fathers who froze our memories on film
Uncles who lived and died with elephants
And sons, who reeled in their first sailfish at nine.

It’s built to last
A cooler handed from father to son
Along with fly-tying
Fire building
And exploring nature with respect and ease

Because the call of the wild will come
Later, sooner

And it should never, ever be ignored.