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Stainless steel bottle opener
With underlid storage, you’ll never lose it. Numbered for identification
Anchor latches
Heavy-duty rubber for near-indestructibility in any conditions
Frost lock
A freezer-level rubber gasket circling the lid for maximum cold integrity
Tape measure
You’ll be surprised how often you’ll need this (Find it on the outside of the lid.)
 Fail-safe hinge
Double interlocking, stainless steel hinge system that will never break or fail
Jailbird locking points
No one and nothing gets through our pre-tested locking slots
Basket holder
Moulded channels to hold your internal, dry snacks basket or bait tray above your ice below
Partition slots
Moulded slots for when you need to separate your ice and cold drinks from food
Interlock lid system
Completely seals your WILD Cooler box – no hyper-extension
Secure-IT tie-down slots
Intensively moulded for strength and secure mounting on land or water vehicles
LLDPE material
LLDPE material (polyethylene) for superior strength and durability. Does not go brittle or fade outdoors, 20+ years. Non-porous for easy cleaning
Dual-haul handles
Army-style durable polyester roping
Eagle-claw feet
Zero sliding and slipping with tight-grip material, and the feet won’t mark your boat deck
Iceberg insulation
50mm thick walls and 75mm thick lid with polyurethane foaming for maximum insulation and ice retention
Rotationally moulded construction
For optimum strength, durability and insulation
Tornado drain plug
Leak-proof and designed for easy, rapid drainage